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We provide international recruitment services and shipping services

through 4 offices, Busan & Incheon Korea and Jakarta & Cirbeon Indonesia respectively.

Our clients are from Netherlands, Germany, Malaysia and Korea.

We will always serve you with our best.

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Managing director, Mr. Jin

CEO, Mr. Jon

General manager, Mr. Kim


recruitment services


gnmshipping Korea

Global Employment Academy for Korean officers

Korea government funding

We are in cooperation

with KIMFT's M.O.U.

For more information, please send emails.

gnmshipping Indonesia

Training centers in Cirebon office

We provide

tailor-made pre joining training.

gnmshipping Indonesia

Jakarta office


Busan and Incheon offices

we provide shipping services,

 crew change services and husbandry services

for multinational shipowners.



Busan, Korea +82-70-8672-7878

Incheon, Korea +82-10-3172-3155

Jakarta, Indonesia  +622124521014

Cirebon, Indonesia +6281282020014


Marinus BD, 12-10, Jungang-Daero 180 Beon-gil, Dong-gu,Busan, Korea

D.+82-70-8672-7878, F.+82-51-441-6632


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